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Commendation Received From Robert Van Horne, November 1, 2011. American pianist, composer, and concert pianist. MTAC Composer Today Award in 2010.

    I have listened to your CD, "All That You Allow", from beginning to end many times.
    I must say that you sing so beautifully! I really like your vocal style and warm voice. You have a natural and very appealing sound when you sing -- and an emotional quality that makes me, the listener feel very good. Your phrasing of the songs is outstanding. Congratulations!
    I also like your selection of songs and the accompaniment is very well done, as is the mixing and artwork. I can tell you put a lot of thought, effort and feeling into recording this album. It's a CD you can be very proud of.
    I especially like the title song you wrote "All That You Allow." May I suggest you include more of your beautiful songs on your next album? I think your one composed song is a masterpiece.
    I wish you continued success and I know your music will be a hit.
        Robert Van Horne